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Beef Momo 24oz

Beef Momo 24oz

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Momo Questions

How many pieces of momo are in 1 pack?

Himalayan Momo comes in various sizes.

In one 15oz bag, there are 10 pieces of momo.

In one 24oz bag, there are 20 pieces of momo.

What's included in each bag of momo?

Each 15oz bag comes with 10 pieces of momo, a sasame sauce and a chilli garlic sauce.

How do you cook momo?

There are many ways to prepare. Steamed, air-fried, in a soup, pan-fried... you can even microwave and have it within minutes.

We recommend making it in an airfryer or steamer for best results.

Are Himalayan Momo products HALAL?

Yes. We are the first USDA approved, HALAL certified frozen momo made in the US.


Shipping Info

How much is the cost of shipping and handling of frozen foods?

Due to the logistics and cost of shipping frozen items, there is a minimum order of 5 bags for each product. 

We charge the following rates:

Zone 1: $25  ·  Zone 2: $35   ·   Zone 3: $45  ·  Zone 4: $50

For Dashain special large quantities, we charge the following rates:
Zone 1: $30  ·  Zone 2: $40   ·   Zone 3: $50 ·  Zone 4: $60

Do you ship to my location?

We ship to all locations within the lower 48 states with a minimum order of 5bags (75oz total).

How are the items kept frozen during the shipment?

All of our shipments contain an insulated liner and enough dry ice to maintain a frozen environment for the duration of transit. However, due to unknown conditions that may arise during transit, it is best to bring the package inside and transfer the products to your freezer as soon as you receive the shipment.

We are committed to using environmentally conscious and sustainable shipping methods. That’s why we use insulated liners that are made from plants (corn starch). You may remove and recycle the plastic wrapping and then dispose of the liner material in your garbage bin. The inner liner material will break down and compost over time. The cardboard box is 100% curbside recyclable.

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. Dry ice is made from reclaimed CO2 and dissipates back into CO2 over time making it "carbon-neutral." To safely dispose of the dry ice, use a towel, oven mitts or gloves to remove the dry ice from the box and place the dry ice package outside in a trash container. Keep away from pets and children. Do not open and touch the dry ice with your bare hands as it may cause burns similar to frostbite from the extreme cold. The dry ice will dissipate back into CO2 in a few hours.

How long will the products last in my freezer?

Himalayan Momo products will last for up to 1 year when properly stored in your freezer. But for maximum quality, we suggest you consume them before the “Best By” date on the back of the package. It’s important to keep your products frozen until ready to consume. It is NOT recommended to thaw any of our products prior to consuming.